Straight From The Heart
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9/29/2020 SAM1171 Revelation 1:9-20 Is Anyone in Control? Part 1: John walked with Jesus in the flesh during His lifetime. Years later, on the island of Patmos, Jesus appeared to John in all of His heavenly glory with a message for the church. In our world, filled with voices and opinions, we need to be focused on the one voice that matters.
9/28/2020 SPM616 Acts 18:23-19:41 The riot at Ephesus. The Holy Spirit was impacting the culture of Ephesus through Paul in such a powerful way that the business of idol worship was in danger. In response, the streets of Ephesus became filled with an angry and confused mob of people. The gospel of Jesus Christ will save some and be an offense to others.
9/25/2020 SPM616 Acts 18:23-19:41 "Unusual miracles." For two years Paul taught in the school of Tyranus, and "all who dwelt in Asia heard the word of the Lord Jesus." The power and authority of the word of God preached by Paul was further confirmed through miraculous works at Ephesus.
9/24/2020 SPM616 Acts 18:23-19:41 Spiritual growth at Ephesus. Aquila and Priscilla lovingly reached out to Apollos to help him grow in his knowledge and understanding of the gospel. Paul arrived at Ephesus during his third missionary journey and helped the believers there to understand the ministry of the Holy Spirit.
9/23/2020 SPM615 Acts 18:1-22 Returning to Antioch. After spending a very fruitful year and six months ministering at Corinth, Paul made his way back to Antioch, ending his second missionary journey.
9/22/2020 SPM615 Acts 18:1-22 Paul arrives at Corinth. Paul's friendship with Aquila and Priscilla began at Corinth. God appeared to Paul by a vision with words of reassurance. God will bring comfort to His saints in times of need.
9/21/2020 SPM614 Acts 17:5-34 God is not far. Paul preached the gospel to the Athenians on Mars Hill in a way they could understand, but he did not change the message. The good news of the gospel does not need our help to be more palatable for the culture we live in.
9/18/2020 SPM614 Acts 17:5-34 The Unknown God. Paul was burdened for the people in Athens, wrapped up in idolatry. Are we burdened for the lost world around us? Paul was given an opportunity to preach the gospel before the foremost thinkers and philosophers of Athens at Mars Hill.
9/17/2020 SPM614 Acts 17:5-34 Search the scriptures. The Bereans were more noble than those in Thessalonica because they searched the scriptures to see if the things Paul and Silas preached were true. Paul fled for his life to Athens, a city "full of idols."
9/16/2020 SPM613 Acts 16:16-17:4 The Philippian jailer. After a miraculous earthquake freed Paul and Silas from prison, the keeper of the prison surrendered his life to Christ along with his whole family. Paul began preaching the gospel in Thessalonica.
9/15/2020 SPM613 Acts 16:16-17:4 Responding to injustice. Paul and Silas were beaten and imprisoned after Paul delivered a possessed girl. Instead of complaining about being unjustly accused they were praying and singing hymns to God in prison. How do we respond to the trials that come our way?
9/14/2020 SPM612 Acts 15:36-16:15 A man of Macedonia. The Holy Spirit led Paul through a vision to bring the gospel to Macedonia. Little did he know that his obedience would lead to the home of a woman named Lydia, and the beginning of the church at Philippi.