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2/3/2023 SPM661 I Corinthians 16 Time and money- Do you view your time and money as gifts from God? If you do, you will be a good steward over how you use them. Paul began his final thoughts in his first letter to Corinth with an exhortation to the church on the use of time and money for God's kingdom.
2/2/2023 SAM485 I Corinthians 15:35-58 Resurrection- Everyone will experience resurrection one day. For some, resurrection will mark the beginning of a glorious new life, for others, it will mean separation from God for eternity. God has given man the capacity to choose which fate he will experience.
2/1/2023 SPM659 I Corinthians 15:1-34 The last enemy- Jesus was not just raised from the dead, He was resurrected. Because Jesus was resurrected, He will never die again, and His followers have the same glorious future. What does Paul's strange comment about those "who are baptized for the dead" mean?
1/31/2023 SPM659 I Corinthians 15:1-34 Defending the resurrection- One of the last issues Paul had to address with the Corinthians was an apparent skepticism by some of the resurrection. Are you prepared to give a defense for the resurrection of Jesus?
1/30/2023 SPM658 I Corinthians 14 Prophecy and tongues (part 2)- There should be order in the way the gifts of tongues and prophecy are exercised in the church. This will be a witness to unbelievers. Paul defended this position when he said, "God is not the author of confusion but of peace."
1/27/2023 SPM658 I Corinthians 14 Prophecy and tongues- There is a lot of weirdness out there in the church when it comes to the gifts of tongues and prophecy. How can we determine what's legitimate and what's phony? If spiritual gifts are meant to be exercised in love, then tongues and prophecy should be edifying to the church.
1/26/2023 SPM657 I Corinthians 13 Have the gifts ceased?- Is Paul insinuating in I Corinthians 13 that the gifts of the Spirit ceased when the canon was completed? Some people interpret his words that way. If not, what is Paul talking about, and how does it connect to agape love?
1/25/2023 SPM657 I Corinthians 13 The greatest gift is love- Agape love is the greatest gift. Paul takes a detour from his breakdown on spiritual gifts to highlight what love is, and what it isn't. Without love, our use of spiritual gifts will just be like "a clanging cymbal."
1/24/2023 SPM656 I Corinthians 12:11-31 One body many members- Continuing on the topic of the gifts of the Spirit, Paul exhorts believers who might be discouraged about their personal gifts. Paul also warns against pride and jealousy in regards to spiritual gifts.
1/23/2023 SPM656 I Corinthians 12:11-31 By one Spirit- Is the baptism of the Holy Spirit exclusively synonymous with being born again? Should born again believers expect subsequent "refills" of the Spirit after salvation? What does the bible have to say on this much debated topic?
1/20/2023 SPM655 I Corinthians 12:4-10 Concerning spiritual gifts (part 2)- Spiritual gifts have nothing to do with an individual's talents or abilities. The use of these diverse gifts should promote unity in the body of Christ. Paul gives a list of specific gifts imparted by the Holy Spirit.
1/19/2023 SPM655 I Corinthians 12:4-10 Concerning spiritual gifts- Spiritual gifts have nothing to do with an individual's talents or abilities. The use of these diverse gifts should promote unity in the body of Christ. Paul gives a list of specific gifts imparted by the Holy Spirit.
1/18/2023 SPM654 I Corinthians 11:12-12:3 The bread and the cup- There are various views on what taking communion means among different denominations. Paul exhorted the Corinthians to examine their hearts before taking communion because they were defiling the table of the Lord.
1/17/2023 SPM654 I Corinthians 11:12-12:3 Roles in God's order (part 2)- What application can be made from Paul's words about the roles of men and women in the church? Are women supposed to wear head coverings? One of the results of disorder in the Corinthian church was improper conduct when taking the Lord's supper.
1/16/2023 SPM653 I Corinthians 10:14-11:12 Roles in God's order- Paul's words about men and women may seem controversial at first glance. When it comes to marriage, family, and the church, God calls men and women to play certain roles. These are not general rules to be applied to women and men in society.
1/13/2023 SPM653 I Corinthians 10:14-11:12 Flee from idolatry- Paul redirected the focus of the Corinthians who were concerned about eating food offered to idols to consider whether or not that would stumble a brother or sister in Christ. Would it glorify God? The food itself is neutral, but the ritualistic practices were idolatry.
1/12/2023 SAM713 I Corinthians 10:6-13 Privilege and responsibility (part 2)- Because of the difficulty of the journey, the children of Israel began to despise the provision of God. They forgot about God's goodness and deliverance in the past. If we aren't careful we can follow the same path, and be found near "the graves of lust."
1/11/2023 SAM712 I Corinthians 10:1-13 Privilege and responsibility- The people of ancient Israel had protection, redemption, and provision from God. We have all of the same privileges from God now through Christ. Paul warned the Corinthians not to continue in sin, thus following the example of God's ancient people.
1/10/2023 SPM651 I Corinthians 9 Run in such a way- We are all running a race in this life, and the reward is "an imperishable crown." But the opponent is not who you think. We are competing against our own flesh. Paul exhorted the Corinthians to continue the race, and run well, by the grace of God.
1/9/2023 SPM651 I Corinthians 9 Surrendering your rights- What are you willing to surrender for the sake of the gospel? Paul challenged the Corinthians to be willing to forsake some of their liberties for their brethren. As an apostle, Paul had the right to exercise certain freedoms, but chose not to.
1/6/2023 SPM650 I Corinthians 7:18-8:13 Love builds up- Another concern in the church at Corinth was the matter of what to do with food offered to idols? Mature Christians may have felt the liberty to eat certain foods without condemnation, but Paul warned against becoming a stumbling block to those younger in the faith.
1/5/2023 SPM650 I Corinthians 7:18-8:13 To the unmarried- When Paul observed what was going on in the culture, he exhorted those who were single to consider the sacrifices that would come with marriage. Is Paul saying that the state of being single is better than marriage?
1/4/2023 SPM649 I Corinthians 7:1-18 To the married- Is it more honorable to remain single rather than marry? How does someone know if they have the gift of celibacy? What does a Christian man or woman do if they are married to an unbeliever? Paul addresses questions about singleness and marriage.
1/3/2023 SPM649 I Corinthians 7:1-18 Biblical sexuality- The Corinthian church had all kinds of perverted ideas about sex. They were heavily influenced by the immoral culture they lived in. Sound familiar? Paul instructed the Corinthians on how they should properly view sex and it's purpose in marriage.
1/2/2023 SPM648 I Corinthians 6 Don't you know?- We were once ruled by our sin. But now, Paul says, we are washed, sanctified, and justified by the blood of Christ. Our bodies are "members of Christ." We are "the temple of the Holy Spirit." So how can we now use our bodies to participate in immorality?
12/30/2022 SPM648 I Corinthians 6 Settling disputes- What is the proper approach for settling disputes in the church between believers? Is it ever right to take someone to court and let the civil government become involved? People in the church at Corinth were suing each other left and right.
12/29/2022 SPM647 I Corinthians 4:6-5:13 Church discipline- Paul spoke to a specific matter in the church at Corinth of sexual immorality that lead into a larger conversation about dealing with sin in the church. How are we supposed to reach out to brothers and sisters in Christ that are living in sin?
12/28/2022 SPM647 I Corinthians 4:6-5:13 Paul's paternal warning- A big problem in the Corinthian church was giving in to the temptation to look at each other as the standard for righteousness. This was leading to pride and all sorts of issues. As a loving parent, Paul exhorted them to remember the true standard.
12/27/2022 SPM646 I Corinthians 3:8-4:5 Servants and stewards- What does it mean to become a fool for Christ? It means denying the world's wisdom and relying on the Spirit that dwells inside of you. God is calling us to faithfulness as His stewards.
12/26/2022 SPM646 I Corinthians 3:8-4:5 No other foundation- Many people get caught up in finding the perfect formula for a successful church. How big is the sanctuary? What is the worship band like? Paul reminds us that none of that matters without the firm foundation of the gospel and Jesus Christ.