Straight From The Heart
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7/23/2021 WED449 Hebrews 13 A city which is to come- The final exhortation to the Hebrews centers around the reality of our eternal destiny. Earth is not our home, therefore, we should praise Him with our lives and proclaim the good news of the gospel to all who will hear. A word of encouragement is also given to honor and obey those in church leadership.
7/22/2021 WED449 Hebrews 13 Marriage is honorable- The last chapter in Hebrews begins with moral instruction to love others, be hospitable, and remember those who are persecuted. A warning is also given against covetousness and sexual immorality. Marriage and sex are good gifts from God, but they have been perverted by sin.
7/21/2021 WED448 Hebrews 12:3-29 Jesus the Mediator- When God spoke to Moses and the children of Israel at Mount Sinai they heard His words in fear and trembling. Through "Jesus the Mediator of the new covenant" we can now relate to God through the law of grace. It is in that grace that we should serve, reverence, and fear Him now.
7/20/2021 WED448 Hebrews 12:3-29 God chastens whom He loves- There should be a healthy reverence and fear a child has for their father. Because God perfectly loves us, He will always bring chastening for our profit. In contrast, an earthly father will sometimes bring correction in the flesh.
7/19/2021 WED447 Hebrews 11:32-12:2 The race set before us- We are called to lay aside every weight and sin in the race of life set before us. That includes any sin that we might justify as innocent or harmless. When we become weary in the race we need to look at Jesus, our great example, for strength to endure.
7/16/2021 WED447 Hebrews 11:32-12:2 Other heroes of the faith- Is suffering the result of sin in the life of a believer? Or maybe a lack of faith? Not according to Hebrews 11. The writer of Hebrews makes sure to point out that some of us are led into difficult circumstances by the Lord, but that doesn't change His love for us.
7/15/2021 WED446 Hebrews 11:28-31 The faith of Rahab- The harlot Rahab and her family were saved from the destruction of Jericho because she put her faith and trust in the God of Israel. Rahab's story of faith shows us that no sinner is beyond God's grace and love.
7/14/2021 WED446 Hebrews 11:28-31 Faith to do the illogical- We all encounter situations in life that feel hopeless. God led the children of Israel to the brink of the Red Sea to reveal something to them about Himself. They weren't there because they were lost or because God chose to abandon them in the wilderness.
7/13/2021 WED445 Hebrews 11:23-27 A long living faith- Moses went from living in luxury as a prince of Egypt, to living in the desert for 40 years where God appeared to him, to leading the children of Israel out of Egypt and into the wilderness for 40 more years. Moses didn't have a perfect track record of obedience, but he had a faith that endured.
7/12/2021 WED445 Hebrews 11:23-27 The faith of Moses and his parents- Moses's parents made a choice to raise their child in faith, trusting the Lord's protection and provision. Because of the seeds faithfully planted in Moses by his parents, Moses also made a choice, and learned to say no to the "passing pleasures of sin."
7/9/2021 WED444 Hebrews 11:17-22 The faith of Joseph- Joseph had plenty of excuses he could have used to turn his back on God. He experienced death and dysfunction in his family from a young age. God seemed to be silent through it all, but Joseph's faith never wavered, and God was with him all the way until his final breath.
7/8/2021 WED444 Hebrews 11:17-22 The faith of Isaac and Jacob- It says in Ecclesiastes 7:8 that "The end of a thing is better than its beginning." Isaac and Jacob made plenty of mistakes in their lifetime, but none of that is recorded in Hebrews 11. What we are told is that by faith, they both finished their course well.
7/7/2021 WED444 Hebrews 11:17-22 Abraham's faith tested- God asked Abraham to sacrifice his one and only son Issac. Abraham and Sarah endured many difficult years of waiting to finally see Isaac born into the word. What do we do when God asks us to do something that seems contradictory to his promises or His nature? Abraham's faith through testing instructs us.
7/6/2021 WED443 Hebrews 11:9-16 A tale of three cities- There is a city we came out of, a city beside us, and a city we are headed toward. Abraham left behind Ur, not looking back, and he lived separated from the sin of Sodom because his heart was set on looking ahead to a "heavenly country." Do we have a right relationship toward the past, present, and future?
7/5/2021 WED443 Hebrews 11:9-16 Abraham and Sarah's faith journey- God called Abraham and Sarah to live in a foreign land, dwelling in tents. Like Abraham and Sarah, we are called to live as strangers and pilgrims, remembering that heaven is our home. Part of the journey of faith is learning to trust the promiser when its hard to see the promises.