Straight From The Heart
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10/5/2022 WED198 Luke 23:13-43 Father forgive them- Simon carried a physical cross, but he made a decision to take up his cross daily and live for Jesus. That decision made an impact on the people around him. Jesus forgave us when we were still in our sins so we could have the opportunity to follow Him.
10/4/2022 WED198 Luke 23:13-43 What evil has He done?- Pilate was prepared to release Jesus after examining Him. He found no fault in Him, but the crowd insisted that another be released so Jesus would be detained and crucified. Simon the Cyrenian carried the cross for Jesus and for you.
10/3/2022 WED197 Luke 22:54-23:12 Jesus on trial- From the Sanhedrin, to Pontius Pilate, to Herod, Jesus was brought before his accusers and questioned without any evidence of wrongdoing. Jesus remained silent as he was mocked by His enemies, committed to the path of suffering and sacrifice.
9/30/2022 WED197 Luke 22:54-23:12 Peter denies Jesus- As Jesus predicted, when Peter was accused of being a follower of Jesus, Peter denied knowing Him. If the failure of Peter was great the restoration was greater. Jesus is so loving and patient with us in our failures.
9/29/2022 WED196 Luke 22:35-53 Arrest in Gethsemane- Jesus prayed in agony in the garden because He knew what was ahead of Him. Not just betrayal, arrest, mocking's, beatings and crucifixion, but separation from God. Peter jumped to the defense of Jesus in the garden when the authorities came for His arrest.
9/28/2022 WED196 Luke 22:35-53 Prayer in Gethsemane- Did Jesus lack faith when He prayed in the garden at Gethsemane multiple times? Some people claim that is the case if you pray and make a petition multiple times. What was the cup that Jesus asked God to spare Him from?
9/27/2022 WED195 Luke 22:21-34 Faith not failing- Jesus predicted that Peter would deny Him three times. When Jesus said to Peter "I have prayed for you" He was talking about all of His followers. We will experience moments of failure, but that does not mean our faith in Jesus needs to fail too.
9/26/2022 WED195 Luke 22:21-34 Who is the greatest?- It does not take long for us to sway from humility to pride. Not long after the disciples wondered who would betray Jesus, a dispute broke out among them about who was the greatest. Jesus showed the disciples that their focus was not in the right place.
9/23/2022 WED194 Luke 22:1-20 The Lord's supper- Jesus instituted the Lord's supper as a command of remembrance for His followers. Communion not only causes us to look back at what Jesus did for us, but should cause us to rejoice for His present work in our lives, and look ahead toward the hope of heaven.
9/22/2022 WED194 Luke 22:1-20 Judas the betrayer- Judas lived and walked with the other disciples. No one suspected that he was going to betray Jesus. Judas had everyone fooled but himself. Jesus is the only answer to effectively dealing with betrayal and guilt.
9/21/2022 WED193 Luke 21:29-38 Watch and pray- Jesus exhorted His followers to watch and pray as they wait for His return. If we are not awake and alert, the return of Christ might come upon us unexpectedly like a thief in the night. Are you living in expectancy?
9/20/2022 WED193 Luke 21:29-38 Jesus is coming- How close is the rapture? Aren't the signs all around us? Jesus said just like we can predict new seasons coming, we should know the signs that signal His return is near. Be careful of people trying to predict the day and hour of Christ's return.
9/19/2022 WED192 Luke 21:12-28 Your redemption draws near- Jesus said the end times will coincide with cataclysmic events that affect the entire world. The bible says that the knowledge of these things coming onto the world should produce purity in our lives, not apathy.
9/16/2022 WED192 Luke 21:12-28 Times of the Gentiles- When it comes to end times prophecy, Jerusalem takes the center stage. Why is Israel's place in the world so significant according to Jesus' words and predictions about the last days before His return? What exactly is "the times of the Gentiles?"
9/15/2022 WED191 Luke 21:11 Pestilence- Pestilences, or infectious diseases will be another sign that marks the end days. Did Jesus tell us about the plagues coming into our world so we would be fearful or anxious? These things should cause us to live soberly, joyfully looking to Christ's return.
9/14/2022 WED191 Luke 21:11 Earthquakes and famines- Jesus said earthquakes and famines will increase in frequency in the last days before His return. Skeptics will argue that we have always had earthquakes and famines throughout history. So what makes our modern time different?
9/13/2022 WED190 Luke 21:5-10 Wars and rumors of wars- For two thousand years the church has been waiting and expecting the return of Christ. Besides the passing of time, there are two important things that set us apart from every other generation of the church when we consider prophecy and the end times.
9/12/2022 WED190 Luke 21:5-10 Signs of the times- While surveying the grandeur of the temple with His disciples, Jesus predicted that the temple one day would no longer be standing. The disciples then asked Jesus what would be the signs of the end days, and the coming of the kingdom of God.
9/9/2022 WED189 Luke 20:27-21:4 Cast your life on God- How did a poor widow in the temple become an object lesson for Jesus to warn the disciples against religious hypocrisy? The widow had very little to offer, but she was giving all of her livelihood to God in what she did have.
9/8/2022 WED189 Luke 20:27-21:4 What about resurrection?- The Sadducee's did not believe in heaven because they could not understand the concept. A lack of belief in the afterlife affected the way they lived their lives. Jesus lovingly tried to help them see the error of their ways.
9/7/2022 WED188 Luke 20:1-26 The chief cornerstone- Is your relationship with Jesus, the chief cornerstone, at the center of all you do? Is your perspective on the past, present, and future built off of Him? The Pharisees tried to bait Jesus with a question about government and taxes.
9/6/2022 WED188 Luke 20:1-26 A problem with authority- As Jesus spent time in the temple in Jerusalem, the religious leaders began to question His authority. Just because someone has a seminary degree, that does not make them anointed by God. Are you seeking the Holy Spirit's filling and anointing?
9/5/2022 WED187 Luke 19:28-48 Your body a temple- Jesus cleansed the temple in righteous anger when He observed what was going happening there. God takes it seriously when we misrepresent His heart and His Word. Jesus is still faithful to do a work of cleansing in our hearts when things are not right.