Straight From The Heart
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9/17/2021 WED865 Proverbs 24:1-25:19 The sin of negligence- Solomon observed the field of the lazy man; overgrown with thorns. It was the result of no effort other than neglecting responsibility. In the same way, neglecting to sow the seed of the word into our lives will be detrimental to ourselves and those around us.
9/16/2021 WED865 Proverbs 24:1-25:19 The way of the wise- The fool is a schemer who plots to do evil, but a wise man finds safety in "a multitude of counselors." The wise man finds his hope and security in eternal rather than temporal things, and he does not rejoice when the wicked stumble.
9/15/2021 WED864 Proverbs 22:17-23:35 The truth about alcohol- There are varying opinions on whether a Christian should consume alcohol. What does the Bible say about this topic? Proverbs 23 warns that alcohol can be alluring, but it "bites like a serpent, and stings like a viper."
9/14/2021 WED864 Proverbs 22:17-23:35 Wise sayings- Proverbs 22 begins a list of wise sayings by Solomon covering a wide range of topics applicable to everyday life. This particular section includes warnings against envying or befriending the wicked.
9/13/2021 WED863 Proverbs 22:6-21 Instruction for parents (Part 2)- We are all born with a sin nature. A child will go down one of two paths. The first is the path of foolishness. The second is the path of the pure in heart. Proverbs says that the rod of correction will help steer a child the right way.
9/10/2021 WED863 Proverbs 22:6-21 Instruction for parents- Every individual has a certain "way" about them. God created each of us with different gifts and abilities. Christian parents have a responsibility to study their children to help foster a healthy relationship. Rules without relationship will always lead to rebellion.
9/9/2021 WED862 Proverbs 21-22:6 Riches and honor and life- For many people, a big part of their identity is found in the amount of money they make. Proverbs says a wise man will value a good reputation over material wealth, and a good reputation is found by living with humility and the fear of the Lord.
9/8/2021 WED862 Proverbs 21-22:6 Guard your mouth- Proverbs says, "whoever guards his mouth and tongue keeps his soul from troubles." Words can cut deep and leave long lasting scars. The contentious and angry woman is an example of someone who has failed to use discretion with her words.
9/7/2021 WED862 Proverbs 21-22:6 The Lord weighs the heart- Our actions are determined by the state of our hearts before the Lord. We need to be diligent to examine ourselves daily so our motives are pure and righteous by the help of the Holy Spirit. If we don't, we will be tempted toward pride and foolishness.
9/6/2021 WED861 Proverbs 20 Trusting God's guidance- Some people say that God is too far off and beyond our understanding to ever bother involving Himself in our lives. Proverbs says that "a man's steps are of the Lord." Are we willing to trust God's plan even when it feels hard to understand?
9/3/2021 WED861 Proverbs 20 The fool and the lazy man- Proverbs says it is foolish to let alcohol affect your behavior. As Christians, the force that should be influencing our actions is the Holy Spirit, not alcohol. The lazy man will not only bring harm to himself, but he will also potentially hurt those around him.
9/2/2021 WED860 Proverbs 19 Finding God's will- When it comes to God's will for our lives Proverbs says, "There are many plans in a man's heart, Nevertheless the Lord's counsel- that will stand." We may not know what the future holds, but we know that God's will is that we live in the fear of the Lord.
9/1/2021 WED860 Proverbs 19 The rich and the poor- Sometimes we're quick to judge others based on their wealth or status. Proverbs says it is better to be poor, but live with integrity, than to be rich and lead a foolish and perverse lifestyle. God rewards those who take pity on the poor.
8/31/2021 WED859 Proverbs 17-18 The power of the tongue- Proverbs says "Death and life are in the power of the tongue." A fool's words will bring destruction and contention into his life. A wise man will find blessing from the good fruit that comes from his speech.
8/30/2021 WED859 Proverbs 17-18 Justice will be served- God sees all the injustice that plagues our world. It breaks God's heart to see the consequences of sin and wickedness, and He will judge all evil one day. Proverbs says that those who justify sin or condemn the just are an "abomination to the Lord."