Straight From The Heart
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1/21/2021 WED652 I Samuel 12:1-13:14 Created for His pleasure- Samuel exhorted Israel that their motivation for serving God should be because of His great love for them. God chose Israel to be His people because it pleased Him, not because of their good performance.
1/20/2021 WED652 I Samuel 12:1-13:14 Saul's coronation- Samuel addressed the people of Israel at Saul's coronation and reminded them that a human king would not fix all their problems if they refused to repent and obey God. Our allegiance must be to God first over all other human authority.
1/19/2021 WED651 I Samuel 10-11 Victory at Jabesh Gilead- Samuel officially presented Saul as king before the people and explained what they should expect of their new ruler. Saul earned the trust of the people after saving Jabesh Gilead from a threatening situation with the Ammonites.
1/18/2021 WED651 I Samuel 10-11 God solves problems- God promised Saul that he would be "turned into another man" if he yielded to the work of the Holy Spirit in his life. God still provides for the needs of His followers through His word, and gives the power to do His work through the Spirit.
1/15/2021 WED650 I Samuel 7:13-10:1 No such thing as coincidence. We can get bogged down with life when it feels ordinary or mundane. Saul crossed paths with Samuel when he was outing searching for his dad's lost donkeys and was anointed king of Israel! God's always working behind the scenes.
1/14/2021 WED650 I Samuel 7:13-10:1 Israel demands a king. Samuel was growing old, and his sons failed as judges over the people. The elders of Israel asked Samuel to choose a king to rule over them. A monarchy was not God's ideal choice because man fails to govern himself.
1/13/2021 WED650 I Samuel 7:13-10:1 Wisdom for parents. Samuel built an altar to the Lord at his home in Ramah. His home was consecrated to the Lord but his sons "did not walk in his ways." Samuel was a Godly man, but he was not a perfect parent. What can we learn from his mistakes?
1/12/2021 WED649 I Samuel 5:1-7:13 God's prescription for Israel. God gave Samuel four components for spiritual revival. He challenged Israel to (1) "return to the Lord with all your hearts, (2) put away foreign gods, (3) prepare your hearts for the Lord, and (4) serve Him only." Are we willing to apply them to our own lives?
1/11/2021 WED649 I Samuel 5:1-7:13 The ark returned to Israel. The men of Beth Shemesh were killed after looking into the ark of the Lord. We can't stand before a holy God and His law without the blood of the lamb. No amount of human effort can atone for sins.
1/8/2021 WED649 I Samuel 5:1-7:13 Why do the wicked prosper? The Philistines took the ark of God from Israel and brought it into the temple of one of their pagan god's. They quickly learned that they were dealing with the one true God who can't be defeated by the schemes of man.
1/7/2021 WED648 I Samuel 3-4 A prophet of the Lord. Samuel stood alone as a man of character when so many in Israel were not faithful to God. How can parents expect their children to act according to a certain standard if they themselves aren't willing to live it? Parents need to model what obedience to God looks like.
1/6/2021 WED648 I Samuel 3-4 The Lord called Samuel. There is a difference between knowing God and knowing about God. Samuel knew about God from his parents and others, but he did not yet have a personal experience with the Lord. Parents, don't underestimate your child's capacity to hear from God.
1/5/2021 WED647 I Samuel 2 Failing to deal with sin. Learning from the mistakes of Eli the priest. If there is sin in the family of God the church is responsible to address it. In a similar way, God holds parents accountable if they allow their children to live in sin.
1/4/2021 WED647 I Samuel 2 The responsibility of parents. Hannah and Elkanah dedicated their child to the Lord and cared very deeply about honoring their God given responsibility as parents. In contrast, Eli the priest wanted to please his sons even if it meant approving moral depravity.