Straight From The Heart
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12/3/2021 SPM550 Mark 15:22-39 It is finished- Jesus paid a debt He didn't owe on the cross so you and I could accept the free gift of salvation through faith. We could never earn God's favor by our own works. It's all about the completed work of Jesus on the cross. Be careful of a "Jesus and" gospel that preaches salvation through faith in Jesus plus works.
12/2/2021 SPM550 Mark 15:22-39 God forsaken of God?- We all experience loneliness or abandonment at some point in life. In the darkness on Golgotha, Jesus was crucified and mocked, forsaken by man and even God the father. Jesus experienced the most extreme form of isolation and loneliness so you and I never have to.
12/1/2021 SPM549 Mark 14:53-15:21 Carrying the cross- When Jesus was brought before Pilate and the bloodthirsty crowd, after being condemned by the Sanhedrin, He remained silent. His purpose was not to defend Himself, but to carry the cross. A man named Simon was asked to carry the cross for Jesus.
11/30/2021 SPM549 Mark 14:53-15:21 Denied by friend and foe- When Jesus was brought to the Sanhedrin they asked if He was the Christ. He answered, "I am." He was spit on, mocked, and beaten for only speaking the truth. Standing up for the truth won't always be easy. Peter's faith failed, but his failure did not put him out of reach of God's grace and love.
11/29/2021 SPM548 Mark 14:1-52 He took the cup- The significance of the last Passover meal Jesus celebrated with His disciples must have escaped them. What new covenant was Jesus talking about? After literally taking the cup of Passover, Jesus made His way to the garden at Gethsemane where He prepared to accept the cup of God's wrath for all of mankind.
11/26/2021 SPM548 Mark 14:1-52 Anointing and betrayal- Although not in chronological order, the anointing at Bethany by Mary, and the betrayal of Judas are recorded next to each other in Mark to show a stark contrast. Mary demonstrated her love and devotion to Jesus, while Judas was conniving and deceitful.
11/25/2021 SPM547 Mark 13:14-37 Watch and pray- Jesus said He will return one day, but "of that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father." How could Jesus not be aware of the timing of His return? Does the way you are living reflect the fact that you believe Jesus could come back at any moment?
11/24/2021 SPM547 Mark 13:14-37 The Great Tribulation- Jesus confirmed the words of Daniel that there will be "a time of trouble" on the earth one day unlike any time period in history. There are various opinions about end times events, but one thing for certain is that at the end of this period of great tribulation Jesus will return.
11/23/2021 SAM321 Mark 13:9-23 The Antichrist- What does the bible actually say about the antichrist? There are a lot of opinions and theories out there about this significant end times figure. Could he be alive today? The antichrist will be Satan's greatest attempt to send the world a savior that is not Jesus Christ.
11/22/2021 SAM320 Mark 13:7-8 Signs of Christ's return- What events will signal the coming of the end times? Jesus said there would be wars, earthquakes, and famines, but haven't these things happened all throughout time? What sets our generation apart from generations of the past?
11/19/2021 SAM319 Mark 13:1-6 Predicting the future- After predicting the destruction of the temple in Jerusalem, Jesus's disciples naturally became curious about the timing of future events. Jesus warned first about spiritual deception. Just because someone claims power in the name of Jesus, it doesn't mean they truly represent Him.
11/18/2021 SPM545 Mark 12:13-44 Questions for Jesus (Part 2)- After observing Jesus answering the Pharisees and Sadducees, a scribe came and asked in sincerity, "which is the most important commandment?" Jesus pointed out to His disciples a widow in the temple demonstrating what it looks like to love God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength.
11/17/2021 SPM545 Mark 12:13-44 Questions for Jesus (Part 1)- The Pharisees and Sadducees brought some questions to Jesus, but their intentions were not to gain more knowledge. Thinking they were going to trip Jesus up, the Pharisees and Sadducees came away marveling at the wisdom with which Jesus responded.
11/16/2021 SPM544 Mark 11:1-12:12 The chief cornerstone- It's easy to fall into the trap of letting our behavior be determined by comparing ourselves to other people. Our natural reaction is not to be kind or forgiving when we're treated wrongly. Jesus, the chief cornerstone, should be the standard we measure ourselves by each day.
11/15/2021 SPM544 Mark 11:1-12:12 The triumphal entry- When Jesus entered Jerusalem, prepared to begin his final days of public ministry, many people rejoiced to see Him. However, when Jesus came to the temple, those who were using religion as a means to an end were not so happy to see Him interrupt their operation.