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5/16/2022 SAM1121 James 5:1-9 Responding to injustice- What action are we called to in response to all the injustice we see in the world? What do we learn from the life of a farmer that will begin to answer that question? Our constant consumption of news and media can lead to bitterness and complaining.
5/13/2022 SAM1121 James 5:1-9 God sees the oppressed- People who want to live life in "pleasure and luxury" will have no problem mistreating people along the way to reach that goal. Jesus is the only one who has the answer for all the injustice we observe in our world.
5/12/2022 SAM1120 James 4:11-17 The practical atheist- Do you depend on God for your daily needs? Do you look to Him to set the course of your life? Or is faith and religion just a means of fire insurance? When it comes to how we live our lives and how we treat others, some people are only Christian's in name.
5/11/2022 SAM1119 James 4:1-10 The cure for conflict- What is the cure for conflict? James says, "humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord, and He will lift you up." If we surrender our will to God in humility, He will draw near to us and cleanse us.
5/10/2022 SAM1119 James 4:1-10 The source of conflict- Conflict within leads to conflict without. The root cause of conflict with others is our pride and selfish desires for pleasure. Living to satisfy our flesh leads to friendship with the world. A friend of the world is an enemy with God.
5/9/2022 SAM1118 James 3:13-18 Wisdom above and below- James explains what the fruit of Godly wisdom and earthly wisdom looks like. If you want to grow in wisdom, studying this practical list of the attributes of wisdom is a good place to start.
5/6/2022 SAM1118 James 3:13-18 Who is wise?- Wisdom has to do with actions. It is the correct use of knowledge. For the believer, wisdom lived out is related to meekness. What is the difference between Godly and earthly wisdom?
5/5/2022 SAM1117 James 3:1-12 The tongue: Part 2- James says "no man can tame the tongue" and it is "full of deadly poison." Only Jesus can give us the power to control our tongues. As Christians, we should use our speech to glorify God, and spread the good news of the gospel with a lost world.
5/4/2022 SAM1117 James 3:1-12 The tongue: Part 1- The tongue may be a small part of the body, but the words it produces can be extremely influential. A quick study of history will show the trail of destruction human words have caused. Is your tongue building up or tearing down others?
5/3/2022 WED452 James 2 Living faith- We don't have a right to judge others, but we do have a right to question the reality of their faith if there is no fruit that is evident. There's dead faith and demonic faith, then there's real dynamic faith. Abraham and Rahab demonstrated what real obedient faith looks like.
5/2/2022 WED452 James 2 Loving faith- A simple way real saving faith is demonstrated is by not showing partiality. Do you treat people differently based on their wealth, race, or social status? James knew very well how the religious elite in his day opposed the mind of Christ and showed favoritism.
4/29/2022 WED451 James 1:12-27 Be a doer of the word- What profit is God's word in our lives if we aren't living it out? James says rather than bearing the fruit of corruption from the world, we as believers should be living in the blessing that comes from being a doer of the word.
4/28/2022 WED451 James 1:12-27 Dealing with temptation- Temptation is going to come. It's not sin to be tempted, but how we respond to temptation is where sin and compromise can come into the picture. James shares some practical instruction on how to remain faithful when temptation comes.
4/27/2022 WED451 James 1:12-27 From external to internal- Trials are external. They come to us from many different directions. The external pressure of trials many times leads to the internal pull of temptation. Thoughts of doubt and compromise can begin to invade our minds. There is a reward for enduring temptation.
4/26/2022 SAM1112 James 1:1-12 How to go through trials: Part 2- James says that when trials come our way we should consider it an opportunity for great joy. How can we find joy in trials? We will find the proper guidance and motivation to endure through trials only through a relationship with Jesus Christ.
4/25/2022 SAM1112 James 1:1-12 How to go through trials: Part 1 - Who was James the half-brother of Jesus? James had a very different perspective on life when he found out his older brother was God. If God is a God of love why does He let us go through trials and heartache?