Hebrews 6:1-12
Warning and Exhortation


Ezekiel 44:26-46:15

Am I a Drifter?

As we are going through the letter to the Hebrews on Sunday mornings we have seen that God’s final word to the world is the life and teachings of His Son, Jesus. In this message from Pastor Joe, we look at the dangers of drifting away from Jesus, and see how important it is to have a stationary point of reference in our lives in order to know if we are drifting at all.

Dr. Jason Lisle - Science Confirms the Bible

Has science really disproved Genesis? Far from it. Scientific evidence from many different fields aligns perfectly with historical Genesis, but challenges the belief in particles-to-people evolution. At an easy-to-understand level, Dr. Lisle will cover the basics of genetics, information theory, radiometric dating and geology, showing how each of these fields of science confirms the biblical record of creation and a worldwide flood.

What do you do when things seem to be falling apart?

In this message, Pastor Brian Weed brings our attention to a scene in Luke 21 where Jesus warned His followers of impending chaos, and how to react in the midst of it.