I Peter 2:4-10


Habakkuk 1-2

Worship Conference 2019

Here are some great teachings that were shared at our 2019 Worship Conference. Make sure you check back as we have some additional content to add soon!

Lessons from the Cardiac Operating Room

Dr. Joseph S. Auteri takes you inside the cardiac operating room to show how surgery on the physical heart can lead us to a better understanding of the state of our spiritual heart.

2019/2020 Women’s Bible Study - Psalm 23, The Lord is MY Shepherd

The Lord led us to study Psalm 23 at our recent Women’s Ministry Bible Studies, and we have been blessed by how personal the relationship is between the Good Shepherd and each of His sheep. We pray you will come to know Him and His personal, loving care for you in a deeper, sweeter way as we study through this amazing Psalm!